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Anvil of Dawn
Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common technical and game questions asked about Anvil of Dawn.

To complete Anvil of Dawn, we recommend that the adventurer take the
following path:

Start with Dark Lantern, Gryphon Keep, Underground City,  then the
Land of the Roots.  You can continue on to the Reed Plain and get the
Unmaking spell, but it is not required.  Next, backtrack through the
Underground City and proceed through the Barrier, Temple of the Moon,
City of the Dead, Eye of Clay (Sanctuary), Gorge Keep, Iron Titan,
Quagmire (the Pedestal), Evil Stronghold, Fire Mountain, back to the
Evil Stronghold, then the Anvil of Dawn.

The 7 items needed for the Black Gnarl to forge the coffer are:

Item                        Location
----                        --------
Heartstone                  Underground City Mines
Dragon Amber                Land of the Roots
Tears of the Weeping Moon   Temple of the Moon
Soul of the Ivory Prince    City of the Dead
Sacrifice of Clay           Sanctuary
Iron Shackles               Iron Titan
Wood from Unbreakable Tree  Quagmire

The 4 discs to get into the Eye of Clay and lead you to Sanctuary are:

Disc                  Location
----                  --------
Sol Disc              Underground City
Spring Equinox Disc   Barrier
Fall Equinox Disc     City of the Dead
Moon Disc             City of the Dead Lower Vaults

Q:  In Gryphon Keep, I cannot get into the northeast corner tower?

A:  About two doors to the west of the door you cannot open that
    leads into the northeast corner, is another room that has two
    pressure plates.  First, weigh down the plate to the west, then
    the plate to the east.  This will open the door that leads into
    the northeast corner tower.

Q:  Whenever I talk to the Lady of the Sea, she kills me.

A:  In order to get the spell from the Lady of the Sea and live, first
    find the Soul Link figurine in the Underwater Labyrinth.  Before
    talking to the Lady, use the figurine to cast Soul Link on

Q:  How do I get the spell from the Imp in the Underground City?

A:  Use the Hourglass of Temporal Freeze BEFORE you walk into the room.
    This will stop time long enough to get in and watch the Imp dream 
    of his spell. 

Q:  How do I cross the bridge next to the Barrier that has a glowing 
    white light?

A:  You need the Stone of Safe Crossing found in the Temple of the Moon.
    You must first pass through the Barrier.

Q:  How do I melt the commander trapped in the ice block in Gorge Keep?

A:  Drop the glowing ember in front of the frozen man.  This will slowly 
    melt the ice, freeing the commander.  He will help get you through 
    Gorge Keep.

Q:  I cannot shrink the Iron Titan's body because I can't turn off the 
    No-Magic Zone.

A:  To turn off the No-Magic Zone, you must first weigh down a
    pressure plate that lies in the northeast portion of the map,
    just below the four doors.  This pressure plate is in a corridor
    that leads south, then west, the, north a bit.  Once you weigh this
    plate down with 10kg, flip the switch that is on the wall just
    two squares north of the plate.  If you look at the map, the
    No-Magic Zone should have disappeared.

Q:  How do you talk to the Wind Elemental found in the Quagmire?

A:  The Wind Chimes that are also found in the Quaqmire are needed to
    talk to the Wind Elemental.  He will teach you a very useful

Q:  I seem to have completed everything except for the Evil
    Stronghold, Fire Mountain, and the Anvil of Dawn, but I have no
    idea how to get to any of these places.

A:  In the Quagmire, one of the first battles you face is with one of
    the Warlord's messengers.  Once defeated, he gives up the Whistle
    of Firey Beckons.  Use this whistle at the top of the Pedestal to
    be transported to the Evil Stronghold.

Q:  How do I get the Guardian of Ice's hands from the icy depths?

A:  Use the spell Heavenly Mend of Unseen Artisans to restore the 
    giant's hands.

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Heroes of Might and Magic
Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common technical and game questions asked about Heroes of Might and Magic for DOS.

Q:  I have the DOS version of Heroes of Might and Magic.  
    Can I upgrade to the Windows 95 version?

A:  You can upgrade to the Windows 95 version of Heroes of Might and Magic
    in one of three ways.

    1) You can send in your CD along with $15 and a request for the 
       Windows 95 version of the game.

    2) If you have sent in your registration card already, you can 
       order by phone.  Our order number is (800) 325-8898 in the 
       US or (818) 734-7136 from outside the US.

     3) You can send in the certificate for a second CD, that comes 
        in the box, along with a check or money order for $15 and a 
        request for the Windows 95 version of the game.

     If you have already gotten your second CD you will have to take
     advantage of option number one.

Q:  Heroes of Might and Magic is locking up when I play after a while.

A:  Make sure you are running with v1.2 as this is the most recent 
    version.  To find out, take a look when you load the game at the 
    line that says "Loading Heroes of Might and Magic (v1.2)."  If there
    is no (v1.2), you need to the the HPATCH12.EXE update and apply it
    to Heroes.

    If you still continue to have problems, try disabling EMM386.EXE from 
    your config.sys file.  Simply edit your config.sys and add in a REM and 
    a space in front of the line that contains EMM386.EXE

	        DOS example: REM DEVICE=C:\DOS\EMM386.EXE NOEMS   

	 Windows 95 example: REM DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE NOEMS 

Q:  I am running Windows 95, and when I try to install the game, it just

A:  When you run the install for Heroes of Might and Magic, it tries to
    detect the sound and video cards in your system.  If it "hangs", it 
    couldn't detect one more of these devices in your system correctly
    therefore causing the "hang". Try this:

	 Click on Start 
	 Select Run
	 In the box next to "Open", type in D:\install /nodetect

    The install program should load and allow you to install the game.
    If you are still having problems, it is having difficulties detecting
    your video card and you may need to load a VESA driver for your video
    card.  This driver should come on a disk that comes with your system,
    may be pre-loaded, or comes on a disk with your video card itself.  
    Simply find this driver (usually a file called vesa.exe or similar),
    and run it before you install the game.  You may also try the 
    universal vesa driver ( found on AOL, Compuserve, the 
    Internet, and many BBS systems.

    If you are still having problems, restart in MS-DOS mode and follow
    the DOS installation instructions.

Q:  When I restart in MS-DOS mode, my CD-ROM drive isn't recognized at 

A:  You need to install your DOS based CD-ROM drivers into your system
    so that the MS-DOS mode can utilize them.  Each CD-Rom driver is 
    different, so you may want to contact your computer dealer or CD-ROM
    manufacturer about installing these drivers.

Q:  Whenever I play the game, the sound seems to have a lot of static.

A:  DOS - Disable any caching programs such as SMARTDRV.EXE or Norton 
    Cache.  If the problem persists and you have Windows 3.x, try
    playing the game through Windows as it is known to stop the static.

    Windows 95 - Edit the preferences for Heroes by right-clicking on the 
    Heroes icon in your C:\Heroes folder, and then selecting 
    'Preferences'. Click on the 'Misc' tab, and find the Idle 
    Sensitivity bar.  Click on the bar and slide it all the way to the 
    left towards the 'Low' setting.

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Mindgames Entertainment Pack
Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common technical and game questions asked about the Mindgames Entertainment Pack.

Q:  Whenever I try to load one of the games, the board comes up, then
    it takes 3 minutes for the games to start or the games never

A:  The CD-Rom version of Mind Games has this problem on some systems.
    If you experience this problem, get the 3.5" version of Mind
    Games as it does not.   If the store does not have the 3.5"
    version, call New World Customer Support @ (818) 889-5650.

Q:  Even though I selected 'English,' all the help documents come up in 

A:  To fix this, you need to edit your Win.ini file and find the header 
    that looks like:

        [Mind Games]

    Simply delete the word 'French', and replace it with the word 'English'.
    This will allow the help files to appear in English.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common technical and game questions asked about Wetlands.

Q:  While playing Wetlands, the game suddenly drops to DOS/Windows 95 and
    says "Error writing temporary file."

A:  Try increasing the FILES= value in your config.sys to 80 or 100.
    If you can decrease it to a lower value without causing the game to
    crash, then you can save a little memory.

Q:  I keep running out of time at the Oxygen Facility.

A:  Make sure you are going in this pattern:

    Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up

Q:  I am going in the correct pattern, and I still can't get past the
    Oxygen Facility.

A:  You must have a 486DX2-66 or better CPU to play this game.  If you 
    have a 486DX2-66 and you still don't have enough time, get the 
    WETUP11.EXE update as it will increase the level time from 5 minutes to
    7 minutes.

Q:  How do I get past the Xi Colony hoverbike scene?

A:  Straight, right, right/up, right, left, right/down, straight

Q:  I can't get past the Ancient Ruins.  Which way do you go?

A:  Right, right, right, left.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common technical and game questions asked about Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen, and World of Xeen.

Q: Whenever I enter a shop and go up to the desk, the game locks.

A: The game is not set up properly to work with your sound card. 
   Check the sound setup for the game and make sure the port I/O
   address, the IRQ channel, and the DMA channel values are set
   properly to run with your sound card.  You can do this by typing
   "Set" from the DOS prompt and look at the BLASTER= line.  For
   example, the Soundblaster 16 usually looks like this:    
            BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6

   This line can vary depending on the type of sound card you have, but
   the important information should always be there.  The four
   parameters you need to take note of are the A#, I#, D#, and the T#. 
   The A# is the port I/O address, the I# is the IRQ channel, the D# is
   the DMA channel, and the T# tells you the compatibility of the sound
   card.  The installation program will ask you for these values when
   you configure the sound.  The T#,  however, tells you which
   Soundblaster device to use.  If the T# is a 1 or 3, use the
   Soundblaster setting.  If the number is anything else, use the 
   Soundblaster Pro setting.  There is a setting for the SB16, but the
   SBPro drivers tend to work the best with Xeen.

Q: Xeen is running very slow or whenever I start the game, the screen just    
   goes black.

A: This usually happens when you have a Soundblaster 16 or compatible
   card installed in your system.  Xeen misdetects this as a Roland card
   which is the cause for the problem.  Simply run the installation
   program, INSTALL.EXE, from the hard drive and configure the game to
   the Soundblaster Pro settings as they tend to work the best.

Q: The walls or buttons appear in the wrong place,  OR, the game exits
   me out and I get the message "Maze X ..." in red writing, OR, it will
   not create the World of Xeen when I combine the disk based versions.

A: This is caused by a damaged savegame file.  The damage is commonly
   caused by SMARTDRV.EXE which is loaded via your autoexec.bat file. 
   Remark the line that contains SMARTDRV.EXE out and it will no longer
   cause corruption.  Unfortunately, the current game is lost and you
   need to start over again.  Other causes of damaged save game files
   are lost clusters, bad chains, bad sectors, or any general file
   damage on your hard disk.  If you get a damaged savegame file, you
   should also run a SCANDISK (MSDOS 6.X) or Norton Disk Doctor (Norton
   Utilities by Symantec) to detect and correct disk problems.

Q: The mouse isn't working or is having intermittent problems.

A: Check to see if you are loading a mouse driver in DOS.  The mouse may
   work in Windows because Windows uses its own driver, but you need to
   load a mouse driver in DOS.  If you have a Logitech mouse, make sure
   you are running driver v6.4 or better.  The game will not recognize
   any previous driver version.

Q: Whenever I enter or exit the Gemstone or Dwarf Mines, I get a message,
   "Error, Run to Mark Events Newmax..."

A: This is a message that can be ignored.  It is an internal New World
   Message that we forgot to turn off when the game released.  It has no
   effect on the game.

Q: Sometimes I get stuck in the mines after I get the "Error, Run to
   mark.." message.

A: This happens sometimes for reasons unknown.  Simply, do NOT save in
   the mines, and use either the Town Portal spell, or the Lloyd's
   Beacon spell to get out of the mines.

Clouds of Xeen 3.5" ONLY

Q: Some of the coffins in the Northern Sphinx won't open. 

A: This is normal.  Not all the coffins will open so just ignore the ones
   that don't.

Darkside of Xeen 3.5" ONLY

Q: Any items I get that are enchanted with the 'Town Portal' spell do
   not cast the spell when I try to use them.

A: This is a problem with the first release of Darkside.  Download the
   file, NEWDARK.EXE and extract the files to your C:\XEEN directory. 
   This will correct the problem.

World of Xeen CD-ROM ONLY

Q: I get an "Out of High Memory" message whenever I take the boat ride to 
   Rivercity, enter Castle Blackfang, or enter the Warzone.

A: You need the update for the World of Xeen CD.  Download the file,
   WOXUP2.ZIP and unzip the file to your C:\WORLD directory.

Q: Whenever I enter the places mentioned in the previous question, I don't
   get the error, but the speech for each character doesn't seem to 
   correspond to the correct character.

A: This is related to the "Out of High Memory" message.  Download the
   update WOXUP2.ZIP and unzip it to your C:\WORLD directory.

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Empire Deluxe
missing manual page #174

Advanced Game Quick Reference Notes
in reference to page 174

(a) - Attack is 1 when attacking Armor and Infantry in Mountains,
      Forest and Rivers.

(b) - Attack is 1 when attacking Armor and Infantry in Mountains
      and Forest.

(c) - May Bombard Infantry, Armor and Air bases, Attack is 4
      except if unit is in Forest or Mountains when it is 2.

(d) - May Bombard all ships except Submarines.

(e) - Attack is 1 when attacking air units.

(f) - Attack is 1 when attacking Bombers.

(g) - Attack is 1 when attacking Fighters.

(h) - May bomb cities.

(i) - May carry up to 6 Infantry or 3 Armor.

(j) - May carry up to 8 Fighters.

(k) - May carry up to 8 Aircraft.

(l) - Attack is half of normal and movement is 1 when damage is
      1/2 or greater than Max. Damage.

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Might and Magic III
Frequently Asked Questions


King's Ultimate Power Orbs:
	Dragon's Cave:		x13,y03	x02,y01
				x21,y05	x27,y05
	Halls of Insanity:	x28,y03	x03,y18
	Aft Storage Sector:	x14,y08	x01,y12
	Dark Warrior Keep:	x30,y02	x30,y03
	Cathedral of Carnage:	x25,y15	x25,y17
	Tomb of Terror:		x12,y03	x12,y07
	Alpha Engine Sector:	x15,y01	x00,y14
				x00,y04	x15,y09
	Main Engine Sector:	x08,y18	x14,y08
				x11,y08	x01,y08
	Beta Engine Sector:	x10,y01	x01,y07
				x14,y07	x01,y15
	Maze from Hell:		x01,y01	x01,y30
				x30,y31	x19,y19

   There are 31 King's Ultimate Power Orbs, enough to give all 3 Kings 10 orbs
   each and 1 King 11 orbs.  This will give you the most exp.

Quest Items and Keys:
	Alicorn of Icaros:			E2			x04,y05
	Ancient Fizbin of Misfortune:		Slithercult Stronghold	x25,y22
						Cursed Cold Cavern	x21,y08
	Black Terror Key:			Cursed Cold Cavern	x02,y24
	Blue Priority Passcard:			11 Orbs to one of the 3 Kings
	Blue Unholy Key:			Arachnoid Cavern	x09,y21
	Gold Master Key:			The Magic Cavern	x26,y03 (Mgt 	20+)
	Gold Pyramid Keycard:			A4			x15,y13 (Mgt  50+)
	Green Eyeball Key:			Cyclops Cavern		x23,y23
	Hologram Sequencing Card 001:		Fortress of Fear	x27,y11
	Hologram Sequencing Card 002:		Halls of Insanity	x08,y28
	Hologram Sequencing Card 003:		Dark Warrior Keep	x17,y01
	Hologram Sequencing Card 004:		Cathedral of Carnage	x01,y26
	Hologram Sequencing Card 005:		Tomb of Terror		x18,y02
	Hologram Sequencing Card 006:		The Maze From Hell	x27,y23
	Red Warriors Key:			Cyclops Cavern		x14,y17
	Sea Shell of Serenity:			D4			x10,y01 (Day 99)
	Yellow Fortress Key:			Arachnoid Cavern	x03,y01


   The Ancient Artifacts of Good, Evil and Neutrality can be found throughout
   the game.  Take them to the respective King's Archivest and get a reward in
   experience.  Ancient Jewelry is quite precious indeed.  Bring these lovely
   jewels to your favorite supply store and sell them for a nice profit
   (treasure hunting CAN be profitable!).  Don't rule out Pirate's Treasure
   either, it's real on Onesday.
   Take Quatloo coins to the Quatloo machines in Slithercult Stronghold to
   gain +5 in Might (x09,y21), Endurance (x11,y21), or Accuracy (x13,y21).
   DANGER:  If the character you choose to gain the enhancement is holding the
   Ancient Fizbin of Misfortune, he/she will be eradicated.  You can get more
   Quatloo coins by visiting the Greek Brothers (from Alpha to Zeta) in order.
   What good then, is the Ancient Fizbin of Misfortune?  In Area E2 at x08,y08
   there is a hut with some good items.  If you do not possess the Ancient
   Fizbin, then you shall surely die.
   To gain the Crusader skill, venture to the Ancient Temple of Moo and find
   the statue of Fire Mane (x29,y15).
   Visit Athea the Sea Nymph in A4 (x00,y00) and she will turn male party 
   members in love.  Take ten(10) male characters (one ten times, two five
   times, etc.  It does not need to be ten different characters) in love to
   Princess Trueberry and this will revive her heart and free her from cursed
   desolation.  She will then bestow upon you the Alicorn of Icarus in 
   Finding Hologram Sequencing Card 001, can prove to be quite difficult.  If
   you are having troubles in the Fortress of Fear with the levers, go to
   x20,y11 and face East.  Cast Teleport 7 squares.  This is will land you
   right on the chest containing the Card.
   If you do not have a Druid or Ranger, then you will never gain the
   spell: Walk on Water.  You can hire Lone Wolf, the ranger in Wildabar.
   Or you can reach the edge of the sea, and cast the spell: Etherealize.
   This will allow you to travel the sea.
   Having troubles with the keys to the dungeons?  All of the keys to the
   locked dungeons are available through the hirelings.


	Fountain Head Cavern:
		x12,y05	What is the password?  RATS
	Swamp Town:
		x02,y13	What turns everything around but does not move?  MIRROR
		x06,y02	What goes up and down but never moves?  STAIRS
	Arachnoid Cavern:
		x14,y15	What is the magic number?  20301
	Cathedral of Carnage:
		x25,y19	Set the lock, solve the key, drink the cup, I'll hear your plea.
				You must set the dials from West to East (left to right): 
				North West North East South.  Then drink from all six (6) 
				of the deadly cups.
		x25,y19	What is the field deactivation code?  JVC
		x01,y26	What does the Might Moose become after the key is solved?  WEEDS
	Cursed Cold Cavern:
		x18,y14	What lives in winter, dies in the summer and grows
		 with its roots upward?  ICICLE
		x27,y25	What is always coming but never arrives?  TOMORROW
		x27,y11	What is nothing but holes tied to holes yet is as strong as 
		iron?  CHAIN
		x27,y17	What cannot be seen but only heard, and will not speak until
		 spoken to?  ECHO
	Dark Warrior's Keep:
		x24,y02	What is the secret number?  314
	Halls of Insanity:
		x11,y12	This river of mine always flows down, never the same its course.
		Laden with salt, it outlines a frown, the Great Sea is not it's source.
		What are they?  TEARS
		x14,y09	Automatically it's done, I don't have to think.  It darkens my 
		world for a bit.  It comes and it passes quick as a wink, with a two-fold
		cleansing flit.  What is it I do?  BLINK
		x17,y12	A window they seem, that leads to no corridor, their color's lucid
		like a gem.  Reflections they cast, tho' not a mirror, beauty resides
		within them.  What are they?  EYES

	Slithercult Stronghold
		x07,y26	Who sent you?  EPSILON
	Castle Blackwind:
		x11,y00	What is the watchword?  TEN
	Castle Blood Reign:
		x09,y15	What manner of creature once pillaged this castle?  OGRE
		x04,y09	What is the Ancient name of the Frozen Isles?  NORTIC
		x04,y10	What is the Ancient name of the Frozen Isles?  NORTIC
		x10,y09	What is the Ancient name of the Frozen Isles?  NORTIC
		x10,y10	What is the Ancient name of the Frozen Isles?  NORTIC
	Castle Dragontooth:
		x08,y00	How many of the castle's guard survived the final stand of
		the werewolves?  20000
		x13,y07	What is 9 passed 14?  11
		x13,y09	What is 5 passed 6?  11
	Castle Greywind:
		x07,y15	What did Greywind the Illusionist name his cleric
		daughter?  CIRCLE
	Castle Whiteshield:
		x05,y11	Who is the overlord of Castle Whiteshield?  JOABARY
		x00,y00	What is the counter sign?  SMELLO
		x00,y00	What is the counter sign?  SMELLO
	Area B3:
		x09,y09	What is too much for one, enough for two, but nothing for 
		three?  SECRET
		x13,y06	The more there is of it the less you see.  DARKNESS
	Alpha Engine Sector:
		x06,y15	Access to Main Engine Sector:  PRIMARY
	Beta Engine Sector:
		x06,y00	Access to Main Engine Sector:  PRIMARY
	Central Control Sector:
		x01,y05	Enter database access request.  CREATORS
		x03,y05	Enter database access request.  CREATORS
		x03,y07	Enter database access request.  CREATORS
		x09,y05	Enter database access request.  CREATORS
		x13,y05	Enter database access request.  CREATORS
	Forward Storage Sector:
		x09,y11	Enter the password to raise the sunken isle in 
		Piranha Bay. YOUTH
	Main Engine Sector:
		x06,y10	Access to Alpha Engine Sector:  WARP
		x06,y15	Access to Beta Engine Sector:  SUBLEVEL

	Mirror Portals:
		Fountain Head		HOME
		Baywatch		SEADOG
		Wildabar		FREEMAN
		Swamp Town		DOOMED
		Blistering Heights	REDHOT
		Area E4 x03,y03	EARTH
		Area C2 x12,y10	FIRE
		Area F1 x00,y12	AIR
		Area E3 x07,y10	WATER
		Arena			ARENA


   Raise a character's Might attribute above 50 using the magical pools and 
   potions throughout the dungeons.  Enter the hut at the top of Mount Keystone
   in Area A4 and break the glass case to get the Gold Pyramid Keycard.  This
   will grant you access into the ancient pyramids.  Travel to the Ancient
   Temple of Moo and find the statue of Fire Mane (x29,y15).  Visiting this
   statue will grant the members of your party the title of Crusader, allowing
   you to enter into the three King's castles.
   Present one of the three Kings with eleven King's Ultimate Power Orbs.
   Upon completion, that King will give you the Blue Priority Passcard.  Find
   the six colored keys that open Terra's locked dungeons.  Inside each of
   these dungeons is a Hologram Sequencing Card.  You must have all six to
   complete the final quest.
   Visit castles Greywind and Blackwind.  Free the spirits of Greywind the
   Illusionist and Blackwind the Spellbinder, each will give you half the
   number that must be remembered in the final phase of your journey. Travel
   to the middle of the Maze from Hell and visit the statue of Water Mane
   (x14,y19).  Upon gazing at this statue, each member of your party will gain
   the title of Ultimate Adventurer.  Only Ultimate Adventurers may pass to
   the final challenge within the Fire Island pyramid.Take the six Hologram
   Sequencing Cards and the Blue Priority Passcard into the ancient pyramid 
   on the Isle of Fire.  Once in the Central Control Sector, follow the
   northern corridor to the west through the Forward Storage Sector and into
   the Main Control Sector.  Enter the transport tube at x15,y08 to take the
   final challenge.  When the talking head asks for the Initialization
   Sequence, type the number learned from Greywind and Blackwind (654231).
   All the secrets of the Isles will then be revealed.

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